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Substance Abuse Treatment

State Certified and Licensed

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Complete Wellness Addiction Center provides an experienced substance abuse treatment center which provides a variety of programs for the underserved in Baltimore City. Complete Wellness Addiction Center treats the whole person, not just the addiction, providing individuals the opportunity to grow in areas of physical fitness, emotional wholeness, spirituality, and occupational wellness. We understand that the road to wellness is different for everyone; therefore every client will have the opportunity to meet with a counselor to develop his or her own unique program.


With a program that is grounded in the science of effective recovery practices, Complete Wellness Addiction Center  strives to provide every client with what they need for a successful recovery. 


For those suffering from mental health concerns as well as addiction, Complete Wellness Addiction Center is committed to all aspects of healing to address any and all mental health concerns. 

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Our Mission

Complete Wellness Addiction Center recognizes the devastating impact of substance abuse and addiction to individuals, family, and friends. Our mission is to provide individuals and families that battle with addiction a path to recovery using evidenced-based treatment in a supportive intensive outpatient setting. Complete Wellness Addiction Center believes that every individual deserves access to high quality treatment focused on the whole person for complete healing. Incorporating multiple paths to restorative health, we create relationship-based treatment protocols that are highly individualized addressing the vast number of needs that are created by the struggle with addiction.

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309 Cathedral Street
Suite 200

Baltimore, MD 21201
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Monday: 9 AM - 5 PM
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