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Careers at Complete Wellness

While Complete Wellness was founded to help all people achieve Emotional Wellness, we are also committed to helping suitable applicants achieve Occupational Wellness. We are always interested in working with a variety of mental health clinicians and office support team members. If you would like to be considered for a training or employment opportunity Complete Wellness please use the form below. 

Benefits of Working at Complete Wellness

Complete Wellness is proud to be a member of the National Health Service Corps which highlights our commitment to providing mental health services to the underserved populations anywhere within Maryland. Fully licensed mental health clinicians who work full time at Complete Wellness are eligible to apply for the NHSC student loan forgiveness program. Prior Complete Wellness employees have been recipients of the loan forgiveness program. 

Benefits to working at Complete Wellness include:

  • Nine paid holidays annually

  • Paid vacation

  • Paid sick leave

  • Paid continuing education leave

  • Medical insurance through Carefirst

  • Dental insurance

  • Vision insurance

  • Life insurance

  • Accidental death and disability insurance

  • Aflac insurance

  • Health and savings account (with yearly carryover)

  • Free individual and group supervision

  • Flexible schedule

  • Telemedicine schedule available

Now Hiring!!

If you or an immediate family member (spouse, child, sibling, parent, grandchild, grand parent, or anyone living as a member of your household) have ever received services at any of our programs, you are ineligible for hire due to HIPAA and ethical boundary issues.

Early Career Clinicians

Complete Wellness seeks out new graduates for full time employment. We believe that the clinical innovation of all our practitioners is enhanced by working closely with Licensed Graduate clinicians. Supervision is provided with no cost to the new clinician by a board-approved, highly-trained clinician in your discipline who specializes in clinical supervision. 

New clinicians are encouraged to begin their new career by completing the form below. 

Licensed Clinicians

Complete Wellness values the clinical contributions of experienced practitioners. We believe in providing a quality mental health services to all our clients and patients by ensuring that our treatment team includes highly skilled, evidence based, and experienced practitioners.


Complete Wellness also encourages experienced clinicians who would like to initiate a new project, program, or service work with our team to bring your idea to a reality.

We encourage any licensed practitoner to take the next step in broadening and enhancing their career by completing the form below.

Clinical Training

Complete Wellness is proud to have launched the careers of many counselors and nurse practitioners through our Clinical Training Program.

If you are a counseling student, nurse practitioner student, doctoral psychology student, or a social work student and are interested in completing part of all of your clinical training with Complete Wellness, we invite you to review the information on our Clinical Training Program by selecting the button below.

Office Administration

The Complete Wellness Office Administration team is foundational in supporting the company's mission to provide high quality mental health services. Office Administration team members provide professional, comprehensive, and organization support in all operations at Complete Wellness .

Complete Wellness provides one of the most rewarding opportunities for office professionals. We are regularly seeking office staff that embody our values of Competence, Collaboration, and Fun.

If you believe you exemplify these values and are ready to make a real difference in people's lives, please complete the application form. 

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