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Who Are Our Clients?

The illness or death of a loved one, the pain of a divorce, a traumatic experience from childhood, or even the demands of everyday life can be overwhelming. At some point, we all experience some sort of emotional distress and may feel alone and unsure of what to do.  We can help. At Complete Wellness we treat a vast variety of concerns and issues that impact a number of people in our community. 

Our psychiatric nurse practitioners understand the concerns about taking and maintaining well being through medication. Some issues simply require psychiatric medication so that other treatment such as psychotherapy can be effective.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has become the golden standard for modern psychotherapy.  With literally thousands of research studies that evidence the healing from CBT, clients at Complete Wellness can be assured they are receiving the best treatment protocol available. Existential psychotherapy has also become a conerstone for individuals seeking a well-defined sense of purpose. 


Psychotherapy can greatly improve the feelings of sadness, helplessness, and hopelessness typical of depression.

Couples Counseling

Effective Couples Counseling can mean the difference between happiness and divorce. At Complete Wellness couples are counseled using the Gottman Method.

Anger Management

Anger is a powerful emotion that can wield severe consequences. Psychotherapy can help you control this power and discover peaceful sources of power.

Workplace Issues

Work-related stress and difficult co-workers can leave you feeling powerless for the sake of your job. Psychotherapy can help you improve your work satisfaction.


Trauma can occur in many ways and at any time in life. Psychotherapy can help you regain control over your life and mind.

Bipolar Disorder

Managing the mood swings of Bipolar Disorder can be difficult enough but rebuilding your life following episodes of mania requires special assistance.


The challenges of oppositional defiant behavior or even daily parenting challenges can be aided with parent training/psychotherapy.


When an entire group is the target of hate and contempt special mental health needs arise and require special attention and experience.


Panic, fear, and worry can all be crippling. Psychotherapy can substantially reduce the frequency and intensity of anxiety.


Both children and adults with ADHD can have productive academic lives and challenging careers. A few new skills can significantly improve the functioning of individuals with attentional problems.

Men's Issues

We all know men approach the world differently than women. The needs of men in psychotherapy also requires a different approach.


Of all groups, the trans community is perhaps the most misunderstood. Transitioning sexually is an individual and personal process that requires unique support.


Anyone can be overwhelmed with the demands of everyday life. Psychotherapy can help increase your ability to cope with excessive stressors.

Personality Disorders

Stress intolerance and emotional outbursts can ruin the quality of your life and those around you. Focused and structured psychotherapy can help you be at peace with yourself and others.

Relapse Prevention

Overcoming addiction is just the beginning. Remaining substance free is often the biggest challenge. Regular psychotherapy can help.

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