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The Complete Wellness Mission

Complete Wellness was founded on the idea that superior treatment for conditions caused by mental illness and substance abuse should be available to everyone regardless of their social standing or socioeconomic status. We also believe that wellness can be achieved through conventional treatments as well as holistic treatments and life style changes. As treatment providers, Complete Wellness believes in the collaboration of all providers for the benefit of the individual seeking treatment. By exemplifying positive energy among our clinicians, we believe that our working relationships with others are enhanced in and outside of our practice. It is our hope and resolute expectation that those seeking treatment at Complete Wellness feel the sense of collaboration and positive energy in every aspect of their experience with us. 


The Complete Wellness vision is to be known as the primary source of mental health services, consulting services, and relationship building services in the Greater Baltimore area. We seek to constantly innovate the services we offer while always adhering to the best practices supported by the mental health treatment community.

Henri Nouwen.JPG

Henri Jozef Machiel Nouwen was a Dutch Catholic priest, professor, writer and theologian. His interests were rooted primarily in psychology, pastoral ministry, spirituality, social justice and community. The quote above is a longer version of a sentiment from Henri Nouwen discussing the unique place that mental health professionals find themselves in when working with clients. It is humility that we embrace at Complete Wellness. We hold the responsibility of care to our clients seriously and with deep conviction. 

This particular art piece was commissioned by Dr. Durwood Whitten from Jennifer Lewis. She created several versions of the piece and they are displayed throughout the Complete Wellness's offices. 



Complete Wellness has adopted the following values that we strive to be representative of our interactions with clients, patients, and each other. All members of the Complete Wellness team, new and old, must demonstrate these values at all times. 

Nice - As simple as this seems, we believe that everyone deserves to be treated nicely. Being a part of Complete Wellness means you will be treated nicely with every experience.

Competent - Providing evidenced-based treatment requires that all clinicians and staff demonstrate the highest levels of competence. Our clients and patients deserve no less that our best. 

Collaborative - Collaboration is built right into our mission statement. Clients and patients of Complete Wellness can count on their clinicians to collaborate on their treatment approaches for the benefit of the individual, couple, or family.

Fun - Mental illness is serious and the treatment is as well.  But we want to bring a little fun to the process. At Complete Wellness we strive to have fun where we can and share that fun with our clients and patients. 

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