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Substance Abuse Treatment

State Certified and Licensed


DUI/DWI Classes and Education

The Complete Wellness Recovery  DUI/DWI Education program is Maryland State Certified and meets court requirements for DUI/DWI convictions.


We can refer you for additional treatment services if needed.


You will learn how to address your own drinking patterns which include driving after drinking.


You will learn details about drugs and alcohol and how they affect the body.

The cost of the program is out-of-pocket and you can begin immediately working with your DUI educator. 


Your education begins with a comprehensive assessment session to determine your exact needs


Your participation is confidential, and your progress is only reported to the court

Our DUI/DWI program is certified by the State of Maryland for court ordered education


Schedules can be customized to your exact needs to minimize the disruptions in your life


Fees for the