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Trauma Center

The Complete Wellness Trauma Center strives to improve the mental health and well-being of those who have experienced psychological trauma. Our comprehensive protocol include assessment and an individual plan that uses a carefully crafted trauma treatment plan. Our treatment can include working with families in addition to the individual. 

What is Trauma?

Dr. Whitten describes trauma as any experience that overwhelms your ability to cope with the effects. Often the traumatic event falls outside the norm of what anyone would expect. No one really expects to be the victum of a violent crime, witness a graphic death, or experience abuse. Military service membes may experience numerous Traumas.

What does healing from Trauma look like?

Recovering from Trauma involves addressing various aspects of treatment with the guidance of our skilled Trauma Therapists. As a result of Trauma Therapy, trauma survivors will:

  • Reclaim a sense of safety

  • Feel empowered about life and the future 

  • Build a new social support network

  • Be able to tolerate the memory of the traumatic experience

Hugging a Pillow
Our goal is to make Posttraumatic Stress Disorder curable

Guiding Principles of Treatment

Comprehensive Care: As a primary part of Complete Wellness Trauma Center, trauma treatment encompassess a multidisciplinary approach spearheaded by the collaboration of a team of experts in various modalities.


Assessment: Upon a client being identified as a potential candidate to be treated by the Complete Wellness Trauma Center, further assessment will serve to confirm this evaluation as well as guide the treatment plan. 

Adaptable Care: Treatment is carefully assessed and modified to fit the client’s needs. As such, clients may be treated exclusively by parts of the Complete Wellness Trauma Center or to compliment the treatment received by other means. 


Accessibility: Regardless of client needs or access to resources, clinicians strive to provide equitable treatment to all.

Safety: Complete Wellness Trauma Center clinicians first strive to provide the client with the sense of security, control and autonomy absent during past trauma. 


Support: Through the trauma group, clients will experience a sense of universality in their situation and receive support from peers rather than the clinician exclusively. This will provide clients with the tools to cope with their trauma beyond the therapeutic relationship. 


Multicultural Competence: Due to the delicate nature of trauma, Complete Wellness Trauma Center clinicians consider as well as mitigate the multicultural identity dynamics which may have influenced the client’s trauma narrative and could manifest during treatment.    

Take the First Step Toward Relief

Acknowledging that you have survived a traumatic event is the first step.

When you're ready, we're here to help you. All you need to do is click

the new patient button and complete steps 1 through 4. 

For more information, you can call us at 443-438-7863. or contact us using the contact link.

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