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Anxiety Group

Complete Wellness is now offering a psychotherapy group for those individuals that struggle with any type of Anxiety. Expanding on the success of our bi-weekly Social Anxiety Group, we have transitioned our psychoeducational and experiential format into a weekly Anxiety Group

Review the information below to see how the Complete Wellness Anxiety Group might be an important part of your anxiety treatment. 


Anxiety can feel different for different people. Some people might feel it in their stomach, while others feel it in their back. Some people might be anxious at work, while others are anxious in a crowd. Overall and regardless of where it arises, it typically feels like excessive worry or apprehension about actual or imagined outcomes, or expectations of how an event will go, and can have negative impacts on daily life. Anxiety becomes problematic when it gets in the way of daily functioning. Its symptoms negatively impact our appetite, ability to sleep, how our bodies feel, our ability to concentrate on tasks, can impact how we present to and interact with others, and how we regulate our mood. 


Anxiety can contribute to people feeling fatigued, stressed, or even sad or depressed. It can impact our