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Anxiety Group

Complete Wellness is now offering a psychotherapy group for those individuals that struggle with any type of Anxiety. Expanding on the success of our bi-weekly Social Anxiety Group, we have transitioned our psychoeducational and experiential format into a weekly Anxiety Group

Review the information below to see how the Complete Wellness Anxiety Group might be an important part of your anxiety treatment. 


Anxiety can feel different for different people. Some people might feel it in their stomach, while others feel it in their back. Some people might be anxious at work, while others are anxious in a crowd. Overall and regardless of where it arises, it typically feels like excessive worry or apprehension about actual or imagined outcomes, or expectations of how an event will go, and can have negative impacts on daily life. Anxiety becomes problematic when it gets in the way of daily functioning. Its symptoms negatively impact our appetite, ability to sleep, how our bodies feel, our ability to concentrate on tasks, can impact how we present to and interact with others, and how we regulate our mood. 


Anxiety can contribute to people feeling fatigued, stressed, or even sad or depressed. It can impact our ability to do our best work, be social and engaging, focus on what is important, and be present in the moment. If left untreated, anxiety can have huge disturbances to many systems and can have snowball effects within these systems. Treating anxiety can benefit our wellbeing in many different ways and can have exponential beneficial outcomes for our health.

Who is in the Anxiety Group?

The ideal Anxiety Group member experiences anxiety to a level of severity daily functioning is impacted. While anxiety can impact other diagnoses like depression, the Anxiety Group focuses primarily on the experience of anxiety and the avoidance it creates.

How will the Anxiety Group operate?

The Anxiety Group will meet for 12 weeks. The first 5 weeks are open to all anxiety sufferers but Anxiety Group members are expected to commit to the full program. After 5 weeks, the Anxiety Group will close and no new members will be added. Attendance to each group is encouraged and expected. Interested members that do not make the 5-week cut-off will be added to the list for the next group when the full 12-week program is complete.

What will the Anxiety Group do?

Anxiety Group leaders use various methods to help members "lean into avoidance." Since anxiety can often contribute to a sense of avoidance of triggers or events which bring anxiety, the Anxiety Group encourages members to go towards what is uncomfortable as a way of treating anxiety. Group leaders will provide education about anxiety and what it is, how it presents in the brain and body, and will teach tools explicitly for dealing with anxiety and the resulting avoidance.

If you are interested in participating in this group, please complete the form here.

Every Friday at 5:30 PM
10 West Madison Street #11
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