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Substance Abuse Treatment

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Family Group

In recognizing the devastating affects addiction has not only on the individual, but the family and friends that care about the individual, Complete Wellness Addiction Center  offers weekly family support and educational groups. These groups serve to provide support and reassurance for the families and assist them in gaining a better understanding of the disease of addiction, how it manifests and how best to support your loved one.

Seven Tips for Supporting Your Loved One

Tip #1

Educate Yourself: learn what is happening in the brain of an individual suffering with substance use disorder

Tip #4

Seek Specialty Help: There are many misconceptions about addiction, gain your knowledge from the professionals that understand.

Tip #7

Take Care of Yourself: You can’t pour from and empty cup. Self-care is key to helping your loved ones.

Tip #2

Get Support: You don’t have to go it alone, there are others in your shoes

Tip #5

Don't Enable: Learn what it means to detach with love. Caring enough about others to let them learn from their mistakes.

Tip #3

Get Counseling: This is a difficult time and the more help and knowledge you can get the better equip you are to give the right help and support.

Tip #6

Have Realistic Expectations: forget what you see on the internet, real recovery takes time.

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