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The Complete Wellness Institute is dedicated to the research and education of best practices in the clinical treatment of mental health conditions that interfere with the happy functioning of individuals and groups of individuals. The Complete Wellness Institute seeks to promote the development of innovative counseling strategies and application of new Evidenced Based Therapies (EBT) in unique counseling situations which can benefit all populations. We seek to develop new counseling tools and techniques that have lasting positive impact to all people regardless of social situation or financial circumstances.


The Complete Wellness Institute promotes evidenced-based practices by conducting original research on a variety of psychological factors which lead to the development of new evidenced-based counseling techniques or new ways to implement existing evidenced-based techniques. 

The Complete Wellness Institute Institutional Review Board (IRB) was created to ensure the highest standards of ethics are followed in the course of conducting research.


The Complete Wellness Institute is dedicated to producing  training for mental health practitioners and consumers that meets the highest standards of scholarship and is representative of evidenced-based practice. 

While the pimary training audience for the Complete Wellness Institute includes mental health practitioners, training opportunities are offered for the general public that could benefit from specific needs in the area of mental health.


The results of the research conducted by the Complete Wellness Institute will be published in a combination of peer-reviewed journal articles, books, and online bogs. 

Once these publications become available, a describe of each and links to them will be made availabe on this website. 

While Complete Wellness was founded on the need for Emotional Wellness, we are also committed to helping anyone achieve Intellectual Wellness. More specifically, we are committed to training new counselors, therapists, nurse practitioners,  and psychologists as well as supporting the continued education of currently practicing clinicians. 


10 West Madison Street #11

Baltimore, MD 21201


(443) 438-7863



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