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Grievances and Complaints

Complete Wellness was as a company believes that our greatest resources are our staff and clinicians. We also recognize that as people, we are all imperfect and sometimes we don't get things right. However, we continue to strive to offer the best services possible. In order to do this, we have to be willing to admit when we're wrong as well as stand by actions we know to be right. Our patients and clients are extremely important to us and our mission is to provide the best care possible. Anytime our patients believe we have gotten it wrong, we want to know. While there are times a problem can't be corrected, there are many times when it can. 

There are three ways to provide feeback to Complete Wellness: the Client Satisfaction Survey, an Informal Complaint, and a Formal Complaint. Review each option to see which one matches the information you need to convey. 

Client Satisfaction Survey


The Client Satisfaction Survey is a simply to convey your experience about the clinical and administrative services received at Complete Wellness.  The results of the Client Satisfaction Survey are used to evaluate the general quality of clients' experiences at Complete Wellness and are used by the management team to review areas in need of improvement and reinforce areas of strength.  If you would like to provide feedback on your most recent clinical experience, please use the button at the right. 

If you have had a positive experience with Complete Wellness, we invite you to provide feedback on Google using the button at the right. We never solicit reviews from our clients, but we encourage you to provide a review. 

Informal Complaint


We admit it. Sometimes we make mistakes. When we do, we want the opportunity to correct what is correctable and fix what is fixable. The Informal Complaint allows any client to communicate directly with the president of the company. This is sometimes the quickest method of obtaining a satisfying result because the complaint goes directly to the head of the company who has the authority within the company to enact change and take direct action. 

Use the form at the right to make any informal complaint. Please provide as much information as possible including the names, dates, and times in describing your situation. . 

Formal Grievance

The most severe complaints should be addressed through the Formal Grievance process of Complete Wellness. While this process may take longer, the information in the grievance is reviewed with a panel consisting of the senior management including the president of the company. After a careful review a formal response from the panel is made which outlines any actions taken by the company along with any explanations warranted for the decisions made. 

Critical Incident Information
We went to hear what you have to say.

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

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