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Complete Wellness

for Business

Our goal at Complete Wellness is to provide effective solutions designed to boost your business and productivity regardless of the size of your organization.

Using both time-tested standardized assessments and tailored instruments, Complete Wellness for Business can provide a tailored solution to your morale, productivity, and effectiveness concerns to meet your dreams of business success.


Training Curriculum



Improving Professional Communication

Every team must deal with issues of communication. Not only must you make sure you communicate effectively, you are responsible for making sure that your intentions are understood by others. In this component you can make sure your communications are always effective.

Diplomacy in the Workplace

Effective communications do not always involve a simple exchange of information. Some messages are complicated by the emotions that are behind them or because of the emotions they may trigger. Diplomacy in conveying messages can be the difference between being heard and creating a problem.

Delivering an Effective Presentation

The ability to speak publicly is one of the significant factors that can contribute to career success. This component provides you with the tools to maximize the effectiveness of your presentation delivery.

Building an Effective Presentation

The ability to create a presentation can be instrumental in conveying information in an efficient manner. This component will teach you the major considerations in constructing your presentation. You will also learn the various ways to organization a presentation.

Presentation Practice Lab

The best way to master the delivery of presentations is to give as many as possible. This lab provides you the opportunity to make an actual presentation and receive detailed feedback on the content and delivery from a panel of observers.