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The Complete Wellness  Billing Office

Complete Wellness understands that issues around the cost of mental health treatment and medical insurance can be complicated. While we make every effort to work with your insurance company, their decision to pay a claim for treatment received at Complete Wellness is sometimes unpredictable. 

If you are using your medical insurance to cover your treatment at Complete Wellness, your insurance provider will send you a statement when the claim is processed. Please review all statements from your insurance provider which will explain what charges are covered and what charges are to be paid by you, the patient. Statements from your insurance provider will also provide information when a claim is denied. 

Every month, Complete Wellness sends our patients an email statement that informs them of all submitted charges, an adjustment based on our agreement with your insurance company, your payment (such as the copay), and the insurance company's payment if any. Sometimes the copayment is more than expected or the amount covered by the insurance company is less than expected. The balance then becomes the responsibility of the patient and appears in the statement as a "Balance due."  

If you have questions about your bill from Complete Wellness we invite you to become to contact our billing department at 844-955-2616

If you have a balance due that must be paid, you may:

1. Call 844-955-2616 and make your payment over the phone.

2. You can access your account through the patient portal and pay the balance there.


3. You can submit the payment in the form below. 

You may review the the Frequently Asked Questions below
for answers to common questions related to billing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do you use a third party biller?​ Medical billing is an extremely complicated matter. We use a billing company that has trained personnel who are expert at dealing with insurance companies and the various complexities of managing claims and denials.

2. What is a deductible? If your insurance plan requires a deductible, this is the amount you must pay before the insurance company provides payment for the treatment you receive.

3. What is a copay? Your insurance company may require that you pay a portion of the charge for your treatment. The copay varies significantly among insurance plans.

4. What is an authorization? Sometimes an insurance company requires that we provide information ​about the treatment we are providing BEFORE they will agree to pay a claim for the services provided.

5. Why am I just now getting a bill for an appointment I had so long ago? Before your first appointment, we reach out to your insurance company to determine how much to collect for each session. When we ultimately bill your insurance company, sometimes the result of the claim is very different than what we were told originally. By the time we have reviewed the claim with them some time has transpired. The bill you are sent is the end result of the discussion with your insurance company.

Bill Payment
Make a payment toward your outstanding bill

Thank you for paying your bill!

6. What if I do not agree with the amount paid by my insurance company? You must contact your insurance company if you do not agree with their claim settlement. While we attempt to work with them, ultimately the patient has the responsibility to negotiate with their insurance company.

7. What happens if I do not pay my bill? Any business expects to be paid for the services provided. If you have an outstanding balance your future appointments may be canceled until the bill is paid. If the bill is still not paid after multiple attempts we will turn the bill over to a collection agency.

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