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Free Walk-In Clinic

Complete Wellness recognizes that the community's need for mental health services often exceeds access and availability of those services. In an effort to remove economic and other barriers to quality mental health services Complete Wellness has created a Free Walk-In Clinic. 

The Free Walk-In Clinic is provided at no cost to the individual receiving the services. No appointment is required to receive counseling at the Free Walk-In Clinic. Please the restrictions on the Free Walk-In Clinic below to make sure you are eligible for receiving services. 

Counseling Services are completely free and anonymous

No appointment is needed

Free Clinic Hours
Tuesday 10 AM - 4 PM

Free Walk-In sessions are only available during the clinic hours listed above.  

Free Walk-In Clinic Services provided at


10 West Madison Street #11

Baltimore, MD  21201

Counseling Team

Counselors providing services in the Free Walk-In Clinic are strictly volunteers.  Counseling services may be provided by graduate counseling interns who are being supervised by a licensed mental health professional. 

Restrictions and Limitations

  1. Session availability is based on the availability of volunteer counselors. 

  2. Counseling sessions are the only mental health services available in the Free Walk-In Clinic.

  3. Sessions at the Free Walk-In Clinic are in-person only. 

  4. Individuals seeking treatment in the Free Walk-In Clinic must be 12 and up.

  5. Individuals receiving services that are less than 18 years of age must be accompanied by a legal caregiver.

  6. Individuals with an active substance abuse disorder (as determined by Complete Wellness staff/clinicians) are not eligible for the Free Walk-In Clinic.

  7. If an individual presenting to the Free Walk-In Clinichas a mental health issue that warrants more regular care or a higher level of treatment based on the clinical judgment of the Free Walk-In Cliniccounselor, the patient will be informed that they are not eligible for the Free Walk-In Clinicand must seek treatment outside of the Free Walk-In Clinic.

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