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Forensic Assessment and Evaluation

Unfortunately, there are times when anyone can find themselves involved in the legal system. There are many reasons why a psychological evaluation or a psychological expert witness may be needed or requested in the course of legal proceedings.


We can provide a thorough psychological evaluation that is acceptable to any court. Our examiners are sensitive to the needs of clients when struggling with  court-related situations.

Contract Review

Assessment Process

Your particular case may requie a full psychological evaluation. Durwood Whitten, PhD, has over 10 years of experience in performing the psychological assessments and writing the reports required as evidence in both criminal and civil court cases. 

Your assessment begins with a full interview. From there a plan for the evalulation will be developed in collaboration with you, Dr. Whitten, and other team members.

Expert Witness

It is not unusual for an expert witness to be needed to address matters of mental health that may arise during a court case. Dr. Whitten has been "sworn in" as an exert witness several times and in multiple jurisdictions over the years and is ready to assist you in your case.


Dr. Whitten's prior work experiences include:

  • Chief Psychologist, Correctional Mental Health Center - Jessup

  • Contract Psychologist, Department of Social Services, Harford County, Maryland.

  • Contract Psychologist, Department of Social Services, Baltimore County, Maryland

Rates and Fees

All forensic cases require a $3000 retainer in advance of performing any assessment or engaging in any expert witness support. Once the retainer has been "spent" an additional $3000 retainer will be required to continue work on the case.

Psychological Evaluation and Report

Expert Testimony

Psychological assessments and evaluations require several hours of interviews and actual psychological testing. The total number of hours can range from 13 to 20 hours

Psychological assessment rates are $250 per hour.

Expert witness rates are based on the direct number of hours preparing for a court appearance and hours spent on court days. Time is calculated on the day of court from the time of departure to the time of return to the Complete Wellness office. 

Expert wtiness rates are $300 per hour.

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