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Psychological Testing and Assessment

Complete Wellness has trained and experienced clinicians who specialize in administering and interpreting psychological test results.  We will produce a thorough and customized report that answers a variety of important questions about your psychological functioning. Once your testing is complete, test results are explained by a trained clinician and any questions are professionally and respectfully answered.  Your insurance may cover part or all of the cost.

Intellectual Ability and Academic Functioning

Our intellectual evaluations include a detailed assessment of both verbal and perceptual abilities as well as working memory and neurological deficits. A analysis of intellectual ability against academic functioning can identify possible learning disabilities and explain poor school performance. The written results of all  intellectual evaluations include recommendations on how to improve performance in school and in a number of other areas of adaptive functioning.

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

We provide the most robust evaluation for ADHD available for both children and adults. We can reliably determine the reason for problems with inattention, whether it be psychological distress or a neurological attentional disorder. Our results can inform prescribing decisions and the optimal treatment for each individual. Our evaluations not only include recommended treatment options but suggested life changes to optimize treatment results.

Emotional and Psychological Distress

Untreated emotional distress can be a factor in depression and anxiety as well as contribute to a number of problems which may include memory loss and inattention. Many diagnosed clients do not respond to their prescribed treatment. Our testing services can clarify  and confirm any psychological diagnosis to ensure each client’s customized treatment is exactly what they need.  Each testing evaluation includes recommendations for prescribers as well as therapists.

Bariatric Surgery Evaluations

For those that have made the decision to seek bariatric surgery, a psychological evaluation is required before proceeding with the actual operation. We can provide the exact report your surgeon needs along with recommendations to help maintain the results of your surgery. We have a testing protocol specifically designed for the needs of bariatric surgeons which ensures the best outcome for the patient.

Forensic, Legal, and Court Evaluations

Unfortunately, there are times when anyone can find themselves involved in the legal system. There are many reasons why a psychological evaluation may be needed or requested in the course of legal proceedings. We can provide a thorough psychological evaluation that is acceptable to any court. Our examiners are sensitive to the needs of clients when struggling with  court-related situations.

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