Suboxone Management Group

Complete Wellness is now offering a Support Group for opioid recovery for clients who are seeking Suboxone. The group is located in our beautiful new office on East Baltimore Street and will offer wellness topics, group discussion, and Suboxone management. 

The group meets Monday through Thursday at 11:00 AM for 1 hour at 10 East Baltimore Street #1400. Participants will be required to attend group daily for the first month, three days a week the second month, two days a week the third month and one day a week the fourth month.  At the completion of the group (40 hours), each participant will get a certificate. 

Daily topics for the group include mindfulness (Monday), nutrition (Tuesday), cooking demonstrations (Wednesday), and stress management (Thursday). Subsumed within these daily topics are the six components of wellness: physical, spiritual, emotional, social, environmental, and mental which was developed by Dr. Bill Hettler, co-founder of the National Wellness Institute (NWI).

Since it is imperative that clients begin treatment and support immediately upon release from the emergency room or hospital, we accept same day referrals and can provide hospitals an electronic or paper based (fax) referral method.  Please feel free to contact the group sponsor, Leslie Poff, CRNP directly (443) 443-7863 x 200

If you are interested in participating in this group, please complete the form here.


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