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Santokh Singh, LCPC

​Santokh Singh, LCPC, enthusiastically joins Complete Wellness with an eagerness to help others. Santokh graduated with a Masters in Applied Psychology Counseling Specialization from the University of Baltimore. Santokh’s clinical training involved working with elementary, middle and senior school aged children in the Baltimore City school system. Other clinical work focused on preschool aged children and their families. Santokh also has experience working with adults experiencing trauma, grief and a variety of other mental health challenges. He incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approaches and interventions in his counseling practice, but also draws from a multi-disciplinary approach to psychotherapy.


Understanding that people are unique and from diverse backgrounds and experiences, helps Santokh utilize interventions that best suit a client’s circumstances. Santokh is committed to working with others and guiding them through adverse life challenges. Coming from a long career working in fitness, Santokh also understands that mental health is part of a holistic approach to wellness. Supporting a client’s mental, emotional, physical and environmental needs is important to the way Santokh approaches treatment.


Santokh is a strong advocate of the LGBTQ community, and working to protect and advocate for the rights of all people who have been marginalized. Santokh also has a keen interest in working with those who have suffered from sexual, physical, and emotional abuse.


“I am so thankful to be working in a field where I believe I can make a real difference; supporting individuals, children, and families thrive to be the best version of themselves.”


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