Joey Salvatore, LGPC

Joey Salvatore, LGPC, is a Registered Psychology Associate of Durwood Whitten, PhD. Joey graduated with a Master’s of Science in Applied Psychology from the University of Baltimore in 2018 and a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from the College of William and Mary. With an emphasis on mindfulness strategies and meditation, Joey incorporates evidence-based practice focused on increasing awareness and flexibility to manage stressful events as they impact daily functioning.


Operating from an ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) orientation, Joey will meet with clients to establish therapeutic goals and objectives and collaborate methods to attaining them that are tailored to the individual. Through identifying values that bring meaning to a client’s life, examining moments of avoidance, and increasing awareness to the present moment, clients will increase their quality of life and benefit from committing action to what is important for them.


Joey has experience working with a variety of client demographics and diagnoses, including those dealing with depression, anxiety, mood disorders, interpersonal stressors, and transition of life issues. Joey has experience working with clients from diverse backgrounds and is competent in treating clients identifying as LGBTQIA+. Joey is comfortable doing individual, couples, and family counseling sessions and is excited to collaborate with you to help you meet your treatment goals.  


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