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Michael Hyman, LCSW-C

Michael Hyman, BS, MSW, GradCert, LCSW-C has an extensive history of practicing social work in mental health departments and acute medical units of hospitals. Prior to his hospital social work experience, he has worked with children and families in therapeutic foster care.


Not only does Michael work with older teenagers and adults of all ages, he has further graduate education in Thanatology (death, dying, grief, and aging), and specializes in grief counseling, end-of-life care and hospice, chronic illness, and advance directives and care planning.


Michael graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychoogy from Towson University, a Master of Social Work from the University of Maryland School of Social Work, and a Graduate Certificate in Death, Dying & Mourning: Aging and Applied Thanatology from the University of Maryland Graduate School. Michael uses psychodynamic, cognitive, and eclectic perspectives to draw upon the unique and individual aspects of a client.  He enjoys working with older teenagers, and adults of all ages.

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To Complete Wellness, Michael brings a specialization in Grief Counseling and Grief Therapy. Grief is a normal reaction to any type of death or loss: family, friends, pets, loss of a home, etc. Grief experiences can encompass all areas of life including our biological, psychological, sociological, spiritual, and cultural selves. With grief counseling, Michael can help guide you through your personal journey of grief. He uses a humanistic approach and incorporates the unique individual and personal aspects one deals with during the grieving process.  Michael also incorporates an existential approach to help with understanding one’s wholistic experience of grief.


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