COVID-19 Response

At Complete Wellness, the well-being of our staff, clinicians, and clients are our highest priority. During the worst of the pandemic and during the period of lifted restrictions, Complete Wellness has continued to serve the needs of our clients while taking the highest precautions to keep our clients safe. 

Information regarding the status of our physical office openings, changes to services related to any pandemic event, and our Telemedicine services will be maintained on this page.

Information on our limited re-opening of our physical offices during the updates to the Shelter-in-place order will be published here. When we do reopen for face-to-face sessions, it will be in a limited and well-controlled capacity. 

We will announce any changes here on our website and on Facebook.

Limited Re-opening

The plans for a limited re-opening are being discussed and drafted. When complete, reopening will occur in phases.

The full details of the reopening plan will be posted here and announced on Facebook. Please revisit this site often for further updates. 

Important Information During the Pandemic Shelter-in-Place Order

We are taking the following precautions in order to minimize the exposure and spread of the virus:

  • We are maintaining our current operation of 100% Telemedicine sessions.

  • Please confirm that your Telemedicine account is set up well in advance of your session.

  • Log into your Telemedicine account to confirm the date and time of your session. If you do not see your session listed, please email us at

  • If you are not able to participate in a Telemedicine session, please email us at

  • We are monitoring the current COVID-19 related statistics daily to determine when we begin Phase 1 Re-opening.

Please be aware that Aetna Insurance plans do not cover Telemedicine sessions apart from the Teledoc platform. Complete Wellness does not subscribe to the Teledoc service and therefore Aetna sessions must be paid for out-of-pocket when using Complete Wellness Telemedicine services.