Clients who may need psychotropic medication receive education and safe prescription of their medication. Our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners bring a strong spirituality to our practice, believing that our office is a sacred space where miracles take place on a daily basis.

Psychiatric Medication

The illness or death of a loved one, the pain of a divorce, a traumatic experience from childhood, or even the demands of everyday life can be overwhelming. At some point, we all experience some sort of emotional distress and may feel alone and unsure of what to do. We can help.


Precise psychiatric and psychological diagnosis is vital in order to determine accurate treatment and the best course of action for the treating clinician. Psychological testing can identify a variety of psychological symptoms as well as patterns in relationships and possible obstacles to academic progress.

Psychological Testing

Group Psychotherapy is a wonderful way to connect to others that have the same struggles as you. We have a number of groups that help you get the most out of your individual clinical experiences. You can sign up for a group today.

Group Psychotherapy

Acupuncture is a great way to manage your physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. Modern neurologists are coming to understand that the body acts as the unconscious for the mind. Physical discomfort and disease can reflect mental traumas – and mental traumas can be treated with physical interventions, such as medications and acupuncture.


With years of experience in orgranizational management and development, we can bring superior wellness services to your workplace. Our goal at Complete Wellness for Business is to provide effective organizational solutions designed to boost your business and productivity regardless of the size of your organization.

Complete Wellness for Business

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Becoming a new patient is easy. Just select "Learn More" for access to the intake forms. Download them and fill them out at home, then send back to us.

New Patients and Referrals

Relax.  We're here to help. Whatever type of emotional distress you're experiencing, we can help you through it. 


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